Who is Michael Christine


Michael was born in rural...

                  upstate New York, where he spent his childhood running through apple orchards, going on hayrides, and finding his way out of wheat field mazes. Michael had the privilege of growing up, surrounded by the hard working men and women who grow and produce our food. Since then, Michael has traded in the Apple Orchards of New York, for the Orange Groves of Florida, and has never turned back.

Michael has always fought hard to help those around him. From a young age, Michael aspired to get into politics because he believes that politics is the best path to helping the most amount of people, in shortest amount of time. In order to change the laws, you must know the laws. So Michael worked hard to put himself through college, then law school, where he received a law degree from the University of Miami.

Michael is a proud member of the Florida Farm Bureau, the Sierra Club, and Captains for Clean Water. He understands how important it is to have a strong Agriculture industry and to maintain the beautiful environment that Florida has to offer. Equipped with knowledge gained through his legal studies as well as his experiences growing up in rural upstate New York, Michael passionately believes he can bring lasting changes to Florida. This emphasis on building Florida's Future is apparent through is rally cry to put Florida First!

"Together, we will change the nation, we will change the world, but it all begins with Florida First."
-Michael Christine