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First in Agriculture

The Agriculture Industry of Florida is in rapid decline. Over the past 25 years the value of the industry has been cut in half, farm lands are shrinking, crop yields are at historic lows, and the dwindling interest from younger generations has crippled a once proud industry.

Michael has a Vision that will put Florida First in Agriculture. Through innovative policies and the introduction of a new cash crop, Michael will re-energize and grow the declining industry. This growth will generate substantial amounts of revenue, bring new jobs, and provide economic security to countless hard working men and women so that they may continue this proud tradition for generations to come.


Florida to table

Michael wants to expand the Agriculture industry by putting products grown in Florida on as many tables as possible. By creating incentives for restaurants, schools, colleges, retailers, grocery stores and companies to get their products from Florida Farms.

New Cash Crop

Michael wants to legalize the production and distribution of Cannabis including Industrial Hemp in Florida. By regulating the crop so that ONLY farmers can grow it, will give economic security to the men and women in agriculture. Michael wants to put Florida First in Cannabis and industrial hemp production. The introduction of this new crop will create substantial revenues for the state that can be used to enrich other neglected programs such as Veteran's Assistance, Environmental Conservation, Substance Abuse Programs and Education Reform programs.  

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